Your perfect nymph

Wild, adventurous, beautiful, and empty. I have watched from aside for too long; I have evaded reality in the hopes of finding who I am. Who am I? I am still on the hunt, looking for signs of my broken wings. You see, the purpose of this site is to inspire anyone to fight for change, revolution, and to tap into their very core to find their inner voice. You will read a bit of my theories to bring a new world to Haiti, and I’ll have you take a seat in my imagination with a few short stories. If you have any questions or recommendations, please let me know.

Let me take you down on an enchanted road that makes you question your world. Writing has always been an outlet for me. DebUnleashed; Sensual, Powerful; she is far from home and looking for a better life. Imagine her. She dances wild in your conscious; she’s that gorgeous woman you saw on the Q train reading a book or listening to music. She’s that high school teacher you had a crush on. She’s the chocolate cake you tried so hard to resist; she’s that ice coffee you crave on a hot summer day. You can’t resist her calm color palette, her vibrant colors, her tropical flowers, her hand crafted toys, her hot baked pastries, her jazz-like atmosphere, her radical mind. She will tempt you and you will fall in love with her food, her music, her dancing, her culture. I expect constructive criticism and respect from my readers as I will do the same. You will taste  short stories and essays related to Haiti. Please Enjoy.