September 14, 2018

Want to make a pharmacist in Haiti uncomfortable, ask for lube.

“Excuse me, I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.”

“What are you looking for?”

“Do you have lubricants?”

“No, no, no, no, no. We don’t we don’t sell that here.”

“Oh?” (puzzled expression)

In Haiti, they’re not accustomed to women being vocal about their sexuality. It’s taboo for a woman to buy a pack of condoms at a pharmacy, God forbid, ask for lubricant. The pharmacist looked appalled by my simple question, she rushed off and scrambled to find something to do so that I would leave her alone. To be frank, I have not seen lubricants in Haiti; if it is here, then kudos to that store. Not finding what I wanted caused me to be more curious. Their small shelve of condoms did not include any brands or products for women, such as lambskin condoms, non-latex condoms, female condoms, or lube. Why must the men only have products for them? We women enjoy sex just as much, and we want to be protected. However, we are more criticized when we are the ones to make the purchase or simply ask a pharmacist a question related to our body. Even with products like tampons or pads, they don’t have a lot of options, especially for those women who are sensitive.

The vagina is the most fragile part of the body, and yet, in Haiti, it’s weird to ask a pharmacist for products for the vagina. Women who don’t produce enough saliva also don’t build their own lube naturally, and that’s why they need a little help to enjoy sex. Some of us cannot use latex condoms because we are prone to allergic reactions, and some of us have an allergic reaction to pads that are not 100% cotton. Every woman is different, and each and every one of us enjoys sex differently, and the sensitivity of our vaginas is entirely different.

It’s about time Haitian pharmacies and markets accept the fact that women enjoy sex as much as men and need to accommodate women by providing these products.


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