Birthday weekend in Jacmel

August 13, 2018

Another day older, I surely feel old. I practically slept through my birthday which was August 11th, I had a lot of plans waiting for me but the minute I had washed my hair and decided to take a nap, I woke up at midnight Sunday. It wasn’t too late to go get ready; put on some makeup, wear that new dress I still haven’t worn, and put on those sexy heels. I failed big time, couldn’t even get out of the bed.

I was forced to wake up early Sunday morning, come on, let’s go, road trip! We were heading to the Basin Bleu and I was both excited and sleepy. We packed some snacks, water, change of clothes, towels, phone charger, and our portable Skyroam wifi device. We stopped for gas on our way to Jacmel. Jazz to help us slowing get in the mood of driving, then some Afrobeats, and Kompa. We had an advantage, leaving early, we did not run into traffic thus made the commute easy. A two hour and a half drive turned into four, we accidentally went further than we were supposed to and passed Cadiac. I, of course, enjoyed it, the beach was mesmerizing as well as beautiful.

Driving near the beach-Cadiac

If you have a faint heart and so happen to be afraid of heights, make sure you are sleeping for this trip or if you want to enjoy the view, make sure you hold your screams, I for one, did let out a couple screams. When we finally made it to the Basin bleu, we signed the visitors’ book and paid our entry fee (200HG for two people + 5USD parking). Our guide, Wallas (I highly doubt that’s how his name is spelled), which I will recommend to anyone who is reading this and will be visiting. As I was saying, Wallas lived in NY at some point in his life, I will leave his story for him to tell you when you visit.

The walk was not bad especially when I love hiking, this experience would be a hikers’ dream because the end destination is magical.

This trip was an eye-opener for me, I CAN’T SWIM.  To be honest, I become extremely paranoid when my toes cannot touch the floor, you can thank my parents for that one. When I was a kid, the way they used to scare us from going to the deep end of a pool, the beach, or a river was to tell us that a mermaid would come and drag us down, since then I can’t seem to swim in deep and shallow places. The basin bleu has three basins and the deepest is 75ft deep, you best know my behind stayed on that rock and just looked at my companion swimming in that blue water. Wallas provided me a life vest as a precaution but that still did not give me the confidence to jump in.

We made some new friends and once we were done swimming, we ended the day with beer and grilled bread-fruit. Then the screaming continued on our way down, the rain and the fog did not help. I’ll be happy to say that we made it safe, intact, and my height-fearing self will be going back.  

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