A Weekend In Cap-Haitien

August 8, 2018

My travels take me to uncharted parts of Haiti, Cap-Haitien. As we board on the small 19 seat plane, my stomach fell to the floors because of how small and claustrophobic I felt. This is only a weekend trip and to be honest I tend to be an introvert when I am a stranger to a new playground while traveling with my companion.

Our night stay was at this small family hotel which I will not name because I was not happy with the fact that the soap they had in the bathrooms were bleaching soap, and that bottled water was not at our disposable in our rooms. My companion explained to me that they were not a five-star hotel, and that maybe that the soap was the cheapest cost for their business. But being the stubborn and Hangry person that I was that day, I decided to bathe with toothpaste…don’t ask, I was determined not to use that soap and though I would not recommend this, those rubbish mosquitoes stopped biting me that night.

The nightlife took us to Lolo restaurant and Lakay where we were introduced by two different niches, the intimate ambiance, good house music, and exquisite wine collections then a couple blocks up, Lakay, “Home,” the ambiance was more typical Haitian with kompa, and the new generation vibe. Both places were unique; however, Lolo restaurant was my favorite because of the architecture and interior designing.

Then my ancestors spoke, and we got two free nights at Hôtel du Roi Christophe, Well, to be honest. They accommodated us because they gave away the conference room my companion reserved two months in advance. My reaction was like a kid in a candy store, the bed, the wood floor, the authentic original artwork from 1800 to 1915. The marriage between antiques and our roots, as well as the classical lux (in my opinion), will make you feel at home. As far as the mosquitoes, I’m starting to believe that these buggers just don’t care to die as long as they get my blood.

The whole reason we were in Cap-Haitien came to fruition, #StartupGrind Cap-Haitien powered by Google Entrepreneur sponsored by Sunrise Airways. Hosted by Davidson Toussaint (Tourism Innovation Summit & Haiti Tourism, Inc.) and Mike Bello (Solo Bag). More than sixty young entrepreneurs attended this event and of course, time is money, those who did not respect the startup time missed the introduction of this event. The first thirty minutes was networking, then we got to business, getting to know Mike Bello. Who doesn’t love networking…well this one (points at self) listen, my Creole is not that great, nor is my French especially when I’m being conscious of who is listening, but I managed.

We closed the night by attending a performance at Lakay (Niska and Saskya).

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