Skyroam Global WiFi Review

July 22, 2018

After months of looking for a portal WiFi device, I’ve found the one, Skyroam Solis. I was quite excited when I first got it, two months before my planned trip. I decided to give it a go and started playing with it, it’s very convenient as a portal charger, and its light weight makes easier to slip in your clutch bag heading to a party. However, when I first used the WiFi capability was in Florida, it worked great, I’ve used my one-day free day pass which then prompted me to invest in getting the monthly subscription. We are on day eight; it’s not going well. Customer service is phenomenal, though I think they’re getting tired of me. One of the main reasons why I invested in the device was because Haiti so happens to be one of the 120+ countries it can function.

The ultimate travel companion. Skyroam’s mobile hotspots seamlessly connect users with the best available local network in more than 110 countries with no physical SIM and no contract needed, via its proprietary global virtual SIM technology consisting of nearly 200 operators. With instant access to secure, unlimited data, shareable on up to five devices simultaneously, Skyroam offers the convenience of traveling within a region or going from one country to another without configuring local SIMs, updating plans, or incurring roaming charges and overage fees.

My first day using it in Haiti was slightly slow, where I had to get in touch with customer service, but within ten minutes the device worked all night, but on day two I’ve been stuck on step 6 which estimated total start-up time 3 to 5 minutes for the past 4 hours. I’m not sure what’s going, if Digicel or Natcom are jamming the signal or if there’s a problem with my particular device. At this point I’m exhausted.

The rest of the days I’ve learned that the device could not reach the nearest cell tower, which in my room it was hard for me to get a connection but by the pool, it works wonderfully.

Overall, it’s only been eight days since I’ve been using the portal WiFi hotspot and cannot conclude that this is not a good investment. You decide.

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