When My Stomach Leads The Way

February 15, 2018

Last week I was in Haiti for only four days, and within that short time, I was able to do most of what I wanted to do, though I was not able to eat everything that I wanted. We had stayed at the Kinam Hotel, and I would recommend it to everyone; however, this is not about hotels, this post is on my stomach. FOOD! Here are five places to check out if you are looking for amazing food that will fill that empty void.


  1. Cafe du Commerce also known as Les Cascades; located in Petionville, to be frank, everything on their menu is delicious. Their service is phenomenal. I was first introduced to them two years ago when I held a surprise birthday party for someone extraordinary, not only was I not there to witness this but they left a great impression that I had to go myself last year and this year to experience excellent customer service and food.  
  2. ZEST; also located in Petionville is a lounge and restaurant. The innovated spin of traditional Haitian dishes will make you want to ask the young chef for his recipes; trust me I’ve tried and may one day get cooking lessons.
  3. ZAZEN Sports Bar; located in Fermathe. One thing, you have to try the bull-testicle soup, it will change your life.
  4. La Reserve Hotel; located in Petionville. They have the best lambi (conch), it could have been that particular night, but it was the best texture, taste, and just the right amount seasoning. Pikliz has never been my friend and that night; I tried it. Sweet and spicy, then the devil’s gate open…tears were trickling down my cheek and water was not helping.
  5. Saving the best for last; you cannot be traveling for food without eating from the street vendors. To some it’s health-hazardous; however, to many it orgasmic you’re scared that you may get sick. Before knocking this off your list, go the mache near Royal Oasis Hotel in Petionville and try their BBQ chicken. You will thank me because I can still remember the taste of that juicy smoked BBQ chicken with yam. That man can cook.  


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