How to Travel With a Solo Traveler

January 3, 2018

With only four days in the New Year, you are most likely thinking about your next adventure. Where will you go? Where will you stay? What will you do? And who will you go with? If you like group traveling, please plan ahead, by now you should know who is reliable, who can be in your circle; however, there’s always an oddball. That one friend who loves being by themselves and even travel solo every chance that they get. So how do you survive them? Or even how do you convince them on being part of a group trip?

Well, let’s be honest, if they attend your group trip it’s because they love you and they would like to at least make you happy on that special occasion but as a solo traveler myself we are dying inside. We really don’t like to create an itinerary simply because it restricts us from experiencing the city we are in. Yes, we do plan ahead, where we purchase our plane ticket and made all our hotel reservation or train passes, but, the minute we land we are in our zone. Check in the hotel, shower, change, and head out, we don’t sleep when we travel (especially me) and in a weekend trip, I will experience more than someone who only spent a week. Solo travelers hate to be put in a box, so when we are not vocal when you are telling us what you want to do our brain is running ten-miles per hour trying to not ruin this for you.

If you haven’t traveled by yourself, you are missing out on a lot and if it’s not your cup of tea, don’t judge someone who absolutely adores it.  Nevertheless, if you do have a solo traveler in your group, allow them to be free.


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