What I wish I knew Then About The Nonprofit Sector in Haiti Than What I Know Now

November 13, 2017

It seems as if I’m always angry with the nonprofit sector in Haiti. To be honest, I am more disappointed than angry. I find it hard to believe that not everyone cares. This is a list of what I wish I had known.

  1. There is a misconception of registration in Haiti as well as within the Haitian diaspora. Yes, having 501(c)(3) status is great; however, not doing your research and legalizing yourself in Haiti takes away from your mission.
  2. The Haitian government has no background in the nonprofit sector and the policy they follow dates back twenty-eight years ago. Whoever is handling the nonprofit sector lacks the proper education of the nonprofit sector.
  3. It is quicker to open a nonprofit than a business. This is why Haiti will remain a charity case.
  4. Corruption runs deep in this sector. Based on a 1989 decree, the nonprofit sector is a piggy-bank for corrupt government officials.
  5. Having worked for a nonprofit in Haiti on your resume is like receiving a gold medal for doing nothing but it will open the right doors in a developed nation.
  6. Seventy percent of missionary workers that go to “help” is actually having a ball at a lounge, drinking while driving, and posting pictures on their social media to prove that they are helping.
  7. Those who wish to do good are psychopaths in disguise…doing good to feel better about themselves.
  8. Religious nonprofit organizations dominate the nonprofit sector in Haiti because of the country’s history.
  9. Local nonprofit organizations do not know how to manage their organization in order to have an impact; thus there is a nature of bureaucracy where the ones who don’t benefit are the communities who are the greatest in need.

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