Revolt! The Haitian Government is Failing Its Youth

September 8, 2017

Haiti has a 21.35 percent inhabitants that are youths (between the ages of 15-24). With an unemployment rate of 40.60 percent; the youth today are trying to make their own paths with a government that does not support nor provides to their needs for growth. To immigrate to a new country after completing their education and obtaining a degree in law, medicine, or other, will not qualify them for a job within that sector outside of Haiti. It’s like starting from square one. Most youth today are trying to survive by getting their foot in the door of a musical production/stardom of fame, politics, or the family business if they are lucky. Again, allow me to say this loud and clear, Haiti’s politicians are not thinking about the NEEDS of the youth. Factory jobs are not what the youth need!!

I’ve heard it countless times, “I have already completed university studies, and have certificate after certificate as well as a degree, but I can’t seem to get a job; something that is respectable and pays well. Maybe I should stay my visit and get a job that could help me.”

The youth in Haiti riot not because they want to but because that is the only way government officials can hear their voice. Yes, they burn tires and cars, vandalized homes and businesses, even kill, but the government turns a deaf ear to their needs. The youth is leaving Haiti headed for Chile, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Taiwan…just about anywhere that can support their growth financially and mentally. Unfortunately, they also face discrimination once they get to those countries.

The dreamers are in Haiti; the Haitian government needs to see what is right in front of them.

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