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August 16, 2017

Dear individual who is going to create a nonprofit in Haiti to combat a worthy cause.

Pssst…have a seat, have several seats to be exact. Take some notes or even a shot of rum to help you out with this. First,  congratulation pat yourself on the back because you have a heart and you want to see a change in Haiti. Second, take that well-manicured hand of yours and slap some senses into your brain. This is not meant to send you running for the hills or to have you roll your eyes and say she’s just hating. Let me be frank, did you do your research? I understand there are malnutrition children that NEED your organization, underprivileged students that NEED your free school supplies, the list will go on. Haiti has a lot of needs. Before you move any further ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are there other organizations that are focusing on what I want to target? (i.e., education, health, sport & recreation, etc.)
  2. Does the community have an organization that focuses on my target area?
    1. If yes, are they doing a good job and is there a need for a second organization?
  3. What makes your organization different? (this should not include being registered as a 501(C)(3) in the United States)
  4. Is there a NEED for your organization that was concluded through research and social dialogues with the community?
  5. Are you going into this battle blindfolded as you are being pushed off a cliff?
  6. If crowdfunding is your only source of funding, should you re-evaluate your organization?

The reason why I am asking these questions is that I see a lot of new organizations that are oblivious to this sector in Haiti and need a little reality check. Now if you were able to answer all these questions and concluded there is a need for your organization, go for it but please do it the correct way. You will run into obstacles, but this road was never meant to be easy.


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