My Mother The Wolf

August 9, 2017

For a woman as strong as her, her wounds are as deep as the depth of hell.

She shelters her kids to protect them from the type of pain she had to endure only to get stabbed by one of her cubs.

She never says this, but she is hurting inside.

She misses her little cub, but she also has pride.

As she likes to say “I will never bend down to her, she’s the child, and I’m the parent.”

This exists in the many communities where the parent feels as if they are never at fault, that there’s no need for an apology, that they are never wrong.

As her cub, we watch as she leaks he wounds as new ones are taking shape.

She is tired, she is lonely, and she is ferocious.

You see my mother the wolf as strong as she is can never accept her weakness which is she can’t do it all and that her cubs are growing up and need to make their own decisions.

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