I Went Flying With My Bike Last Weekend

June 9, 2017

Seriously, I became a wounded ninja that had to pedal her way down a hill and avoid ramming into a kid that was not supposed to be in the bike lane. I can hear the words coming out of my mouth in slow motion, shit, I’m dead! Head first, bike in the air and literary cartwheeled with the bicycle. The sound of branches flying, the sun flashing before my eyes, then my bum hit the pavement. I heard a scream; I’m fine I thought then that warm liquid started to fall. Blood! She screamed then I laughed. Do I panic or keep calm so that everyone around me doesn’t freak out? You’ve guessed it, I was all smiles after being discharged from the hospital and cried like a baby the minute I closed my apartment door.

Mental rest, what do you mean I need mental rest?

Well, you have a mild concussion and need to have some mental rest. Staring at the computer screens will cause you to have more headaches, blurred vision, and dizziness.

With having healthcare, I contemplated my health and the bill that will be mailed to my apartment pretty soon. Medical bills will be the death of me.



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